How to Dye Eggs for Easter

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My little neighbor’s Ethan and Ella are going to be dying some Easter eggs for us. They are Jeremy and Merissa’s kids. Jeremy made the Easter bread for us. Enjoy!

Hardboiled eggs
½ a cup of boiling water per color
1 tsp. of white vinegar per bowl
20 to 30 drops food coloring — depending on how dark you want them

Mix the boiling water with the vinegar and food coloring.

Place eggs into the bowl, one at a time, and swirl around with a spoon. Leave them in the water for 5 to 8 minutes. The longer you leave them the darker they will be.

Carefully remove the eggs form the bowls and shake off excess water. Place them in a container where they can dry. We used an egg carton and placed the eggs on their sides.

Once the eggs are dry you can leave them as is or you can decorate them with markers or stickers.

Happy Easter!

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