How to Make Raw and Vegan Onion Dip | Diana Stobo

How to Make Raw and Vegan Onion Dip | Diana Stobo – This is the best onion dip ever! Rich in Potassium and Magnesium this is the raw dip for you! Take my 10 Day Guided Cleanse ‘The Naked Challenge’ and transform your life: ►

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How to Make Raw and Vegan Onion Dip | Diana Stobo

Hi, welcome to the Daily Juice I’m Diana and we’re going to make an onion dip today. Do you remember the old Lipton sour cream dip? This tastes as good, if not better, and it’s all high nutrients.
So, we’re going to start with our onions, fancy. Get a nice pretty onion, here we go. Now, you only need about a quarter of the onion, believe it or not. Onion is pretty strong and you don’t need so much to get the flavor that we desire. So, let’s mince it up, I think I showed you before my favorite way to mince an onion, I’m going to do it a little slower so I don’t make any mistakes. There we go, like cut my finger off. That wouldn’t be so pretty.
And we want this minced very small, and that’s about a quarter of an onion right there. And in case you didn’t get your perfect little pieces get in here and chop it up, chop it, chop it, chop it.
Now as you all know onions make you cry, they’re very, very strong. So, what we do in order to get that bite out of the onion is, I’m going to put it in the bowl. This is a secret; I’m going to make you wait. In the bowl, we are going to throw a little amino acid in there, this actually breaks down the intensity of the onion, almost the same way that cooking does.
Now, generally I’d let this sit for a few minutes. Since we don’t have a few minutes we’re just going to go straight ahead. Put in a nice big chunk of salt, cashew butter. This is a pre-bought cashew butter. There are some beautiful organic, raw ones on the market, and it has a great texture that you can work with and seriously this couldn’t be easier. Mix it all together and then we’re going to add a little bit of water to smooth out the texture. Whoops.
Okay, and of course we must put this in a very pretty bowl, I have some gorgeous flax crackers on the tray here. It’s also really delicious with some vegetables and some fresh vegetables as a dipper, I’ll just call these veggie chips, endive, and maybe some cucumber slices. Anything you serve this with will be fabulous, I can promise you that.
So, there you have it, Diana’s fabulous raw onion dip. You can serve this any time of the day, all day, every day. I’m Diana, thank you for watching the daily juice we’ll see you next time.

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