Liver, Love, Lit! Episode 4: Meatloaf Wellington (Pt II) | Allrecipes: Revive or Archive

Part 2 of 2: Ishea Brown, lover of all things vintage and Allrecipes home cook, got double the adventure with the 1974 recipe for Meatloaf Wellington she found in the BHG Archive.

After the Brass Sisters leant their expertise on how to make the recipe’s mystery “Mock Perigordine Sauce” in last week’s episode, she tackles the meatloaf in Part 2 of her journey.

Will all the liver in this recipe make “Meatloaf Wellington” one to leave in the Archive? Watch as Ishea fearlessly digs in with an open mind. Will the Brass Sisters want to revive the recipe, after seeing Ishea’s finished dish? Will you?

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