Hot Apple Pie Shot with Everclear – We’ve done several Apple Pie style drinks in the past, but one remained for us on our list, the Warm Apple Pie (with Everclear). Start by boiling down equal parts of apple cider and apple juice with some cinnamon sticks. When that is reduced, throw in some Everclear, and there you go, the Warm Apple Pie shot! Personally, I rank this right up there with our Apple PIe Cocktail from this time last year for taste. More on the sweet side, with a hidden kick, this shot can be really addictive, but it’s perfect for autumn and winter. Like this video? Be sure to subscribe and feel free to share it with people.

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Happy Drinking~!

Boil down 1 part each:
Apple cider
Apple juice
with some cinnamon sticks
Let cool and add:
1 part Everclear

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