How to open a coconut – cooking tutorial

Opening a coconut is not a mission impossible… essential are a hammer, a screwdriver and a corkscrew! Let’s see how to do on the cooking tutorial by Yellowsaffron.


Opening a coconut is not a mission impossible, essential for being able to taste a bit of summer is a hammer, a screwdriver and a corkscrew.
Let’s see how to do.
To tell if a coconut is good, weigh it in your hand and shake, if it’s fresh you’ll hear the sound of water inside.
Pierce the eyes on top of the coconut with a sharp object, a corkscrew for example.
If you can’t make a hole, try with a screwdriver and a hammer.
Take a glass and pour in the water coming out of the coconut.
To use it as a drink, strain it first.
Hit the coconut hard with a hammer to crack it open, repeat the operation to reduce the shell into smaller pieces.
Use the knife as a lever to separate the meat from the shell. Wash the coconut and taste it. To store it for a few days, cover with its own water and keep in the fridge.
To make shredded coconut or coconut milk, scrape away the thin dark skin with a vegetable peeler.
Grate the meat.
Put in a bowl and cover with boiling water, mix well and let it rest for at least 30 minutes.
Strain the meat through a cheesecloth to extract the coconut milk, that you can use to flavor cakes, ice creams and exotic dishes.

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