Pickled Onions: How to Make Them & 10 Ways to Use Them 🧅 | Salads, Tacos, Avocado Toast, & Cocktails

If you’ve ever had pickled red onions as a garnish on your food, you know that they’re more than just a bright pink topping — that sweet and tangy condiment brings instant elevation to just about any dish, from sandwiches to salads, soups, dips, and more. You can even use the pickle brine to make cocktails.

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00:00 Introduction
00:14 Slice thinly and pack into jars
00:26 Flavor additives
00:40 Making the pickling liquid
01:10 Let it cool and pour into jars
01:17 Cover with lid and let them pickle in the fridge
01:25 Transformation
01:36 Sandwiches
01:56 Tacos
02:18 Mayo-Based Salads
02:36 Salads
02:50 Hot dogs
02:58 Stew or Chili
03:08 Avocado Toast
03:22 Dips
03:42 Marinades or Dressings
03:56 Cocktails

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Pickled Onions: How to Make Them & 10 Ways to Use Them 🧅 | Salads, Tacos, Avocado Toast, & Cocktails

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